Termination of employee w/o notice, no payments full & final done

Hi Experts, One of my friend was terminated from an Organization due to negative background verification (from previous employee (only the relieving part). She was terminated immediately without giving her any notice period and remaining salary for that month. I would like to know if she should be getting her pending salary of that month along with one month's salary in lieu of the notice period. As per her offer letter its mentioned as "Your services may be terminated at the instance of either party only by giving to the other party 1 calendar month's prior written notice provided that the company may if it shall so choose pay 1 month's prior written notice or salary in lieu thereof." Experts, Please suggest as the previous company has not done or initiated any full and final payment till now ( its more than 3 months) I really dont know if my understanding is correct as per me if any employee serves any organization for even a single day of the month as per my understanding he/she should get the salary included in the F&F. Please clarify