Whether Women are required to pay Court Fees of Rs.75000

Whether Women are required to pay Court Fees of Rs.75000 to file Probate/Letter of Administration in MUMBAI ?. 1.As per National Legal Services Authority New Delhi and under Section No.12 of the Legal Services Authorities Act,1987" all women are entitled to avail free legal services irrespective of their income". 2. Further as per Maharashtra State Legal Aid And Advice Scheme 1979 Point No.66. Mode of Legal Aid-- " Legal Aid may be given in all or any one or more of the following modes namely:- (a). Payment of Court Fees, process fees, expenses of witnesses and all other charges payable or incurred in connection proceedings ; etc.....". 3. In MUMBAI generally Court Fees of Rs.75000 (maximum) is payable for filing Probate/Letter Of Administration in respect of Property situated in MUMBAI. Under these circumstances kindly clarify the following. (A).Whether women in Mumbai are exempted/not required to pay this Court Fees of Rs.75000 in Bombay High Court ? (B).If single application for Probate/Letter Of Administration is filed for 2 different Property in Mumbai by a woman, what is the Total Court Fees to be paid ?. Kindly treat this as urgent. Thank You