I was in 12th standard and my home tutor said that he loved me. My parents trust him too much. He moved a step forward and when I said its wrong he proposed to get married in registrar office. I was too stupid that I went with him and signed a paper in presence of one of his friends as witness in Lucknow in 2012.I am 1992 born and he is 1984 born. After that he got physical with me and told that it is correct as we are married. He did this few times and I was too blind to realise all this and I kept cheating on my parents. I am too guilty with all this. Totally messed up. when I told him that it is wrong whatever I have been doing then he told me that he is ready to end everything and he would send divorce papers to my parents. I can't tell my mom because she is suffering from cancer from last year. I am studying engineering and have not kept any relation with him from about a year and a half. I want to get out of this and I am too guilty for my mistakes. I have tried to end my life but i couldn't I want to live. I want to fight. Please help me.