Transfer request

I am female employee working in public sector bank on clerical post , i m from morena and got my first posting in bhopal in july 2013 which is 427 km from my home town after six month completition i got engaged and he is also from morena and that time asst professor in jaipur i applied for transfer in january 2014 at that time our zo was in delhi and my application registered but in april a new zonal office set up in bhopal and they asked me for fresh application which i submitted on 11.04.2014 and after that a male employee who submitted transfer application on 10.04.2014 got transferred to morena and hrm stated the reason that his application was 1 day before you . after that i got pregnant and and again requested zonal manager for transfer and suddenly i went through miscarriage after maternity leave my branch manager asked me df kind of documents and in df formats and again zo asked me for another trf application and they people are saying that zm dont want to let you trf and you will not get transfer and mostly my colleagues used to call me "bechari" o my god living seprately from her husband and teasing about my personal issues just because of her nature she is not getting transfer . it is hurting me a lot and also effecting my health , mentally unhappy there any legal step which i take against my employer or any rti may i file against my transfer application