Tenant who happens to be a murder suspect not vacating our home

Dear Lawyers, I hail from Chennai....I rented my house to a couple (husband & wife) who also happened to buy their own house adjacent to mine.... They rented our house for want of more space. Though we were not personally sure of their backgrounds, we ok'd to let our house on the grounds that they anyway have their own house next to ours.....We lent our house with a 11month rental agreement duly signed by the tenant (wife signed it). There were no issues for last 1+ year....we renewed the agreement for another year which now stands expired for 2 months....we recently came to know (via local police station) that the guy is a wanted suspect on many murder & robbery cases....he concealed his real name to us in the agreement....the guy has now been arrested & in prison....the wife continues to pay us rent but they are not evicting the house....they seem to be a well networked gang posing threat to our life's too.... Appreciate if someone can help us in this matter as to how I can handle this matter without getting into too much trouble....I would be more than grateful to you...thanks