Rental Agreement (Termination Clause)

Hello! I hope to get some useful inputs from this forum. I am currently new to bangalore and had taken a small studio apartment. The rental agreement was for a term of 11 months. I had recently found another property for myself which is closer to my workplace hence decided to move out from this space. I gave the LL 30 days notice to move out, subsequently it rained heavily on the same night and the my room being on the terrace had immense leakage from the windows and switchboard. Luckily I was in the room I could save my belongings like Router/Modem, Laptop, Mattress,etc hence I put the same across to the LL, he assured me that hence I have given him a notice and now facing this issue I can leave the premises as and when required and pay him for number of days stayed at his place. Unfortunately this was a telephonic call and have nothing in writing. I started the agreement in Jan 2015 and ended the same in March 2015. I stayed for 15 days in march hence paid him 15 days rent and moved out by handing over the keys. I started following up with the LL on my Security Deposit(SD), for which he paid after 1 week that too deducting 15 days of march rent adding 1 month additional rent as I vacated the room before 11 months of the term. I do not understand this that if i serve 1 month notice than why should any LL charge additional month rent for vacating the room. The room is still in a mint condition and there is no expense for him to redo the whole thing. The clause in the agreement says, 30 days notice to terminate the agreement and also says 1 month rent will be deducted from SD if vacated before 11 months. This is cheating as per my understanding, most of the cases in Bangalore has this issue. personally i do not agree to this term, yes i did sign the agreement but the understanding is if i or anyone serves 30 days notice why do we need to be charged for additional one month. Legally can there be a way out so that I can pull this gentleman for adding up wrong clauses and charging bomb of one month rent for not using the premises. Please advise