false dowry and sexual harassement

I got married 4 months ago,we lived matrimonial life for 43 days. Among these days she lived 20 days in matrimonial home and 23 days in her home.one day me and my spouse went to father in law home ,nobody has invited me I am outside her home for 1 hour.after some time I called her for shopping meanwhile my laws not allowing her and they pushed me out and they thrown my bag too.finally I lodged a complaint in police station and got CSR copy. No response to the police and we approached them through relatives,neighbours and over phone nothing happened. finally my wife given petition on dowry harassent and sexual harrasement against me,my father,mother,relatives and friends tocheif minister cell,district legal service authority,the commissioner of police.after few days we sent legal notice to them for the false dowry and sexual harassement due to this we have plan for applying divorce. After some days my wife sent legal notice denying of allegation and no for divorce. Note :1.I am not employed. 2.she threatens many time for suicide and to marry some other girl. 3.they investigated my fathers property and found no property in my name. 4.forced to live separate me from my old age father and mother.