Property gifted by parents after it was attached to cheque bounc

Hello all... My father owed money to his cunning friend. And he kept blank cheque with him as a assurance. After getting all his money back he deposited that cheque with his own figures on that. Which got bounced. He also had 'promisory note' which was signed by my mother, and our house is on my mother's name. After knowing this my parents done gift registration of that house to me and my brother. After several trails court has declared to pay xxxxxx amount by particular date. My father's cunning friend also bribed our lawyer. Even he doesn't informed about this court declaration. After repeatedly questioning about the status of the case, he is yelling at my parents, that he already informed about this, you people might have forgotten about this. Now kindly clear my following doubts, 1. What will be the possible actions taken by court, if my parents failed to pay the amount declared by dead line. 2. Charges will be taken only on my father (cheque bounce) or mother (promisory note given) as well? 3. Does our property still consider as a attachment for this case. It got transfered to me and my brother a year ago. While gift registration also we didnt found any issues at registration office. One of my auncle said, if any property have leagal issues,records of that property will be red marked, to stop further owner transfers. 4. If our property is considered as attachment, does it go for auction or simply court handovers the property to fathers friend. 5. I know every thing is over, Is still any way to prove that he falsly charging cases on us. Please help us to get rid of all these.... Thanks NS