Protection from false 498a

I got married in November 2014. Within a few days me and family members got familiar with the very rowdy behaviour of my wife. Till today I have investigated a lot online and found out her to be suffering from borderline personality disorder. We asked her to go for psychological counselling which she flatly refused. We could understand that the symptoms were prevailing before marriage also. I came to know that I cannot get divorce on this ground. It is very very difficult to stay with her as she is very quarrelsome , shouts at me in public ,twists every thing towards her by hook or by crook, a great manipulator, nagging , extraordinarily stubborn and egoistic,threats me to commit suicide in every small matters and hits me even. When she hits me she always make a false allegation that I have first hit her, for that she has hit me. I don't know how to prove myself right. I have not taken any dowry from my in laws , but still my wife alleges me that she will tell every body that I have taken dowry. I am in fear that she may file false 498a as she is very unpredictable . I visited one lawyer who told me that by giving an intimation drafted by the lawyers in which it will be written that I am anticipating false allegations through 498a, can save me from this. How much true is this?