Fraud case

I live in Delhi.One of my friends, who lives in Manipur, has registered an FIR against one of my Room mates. (Police verification of the said room mate was not done when he came to stay with us). The room mate has run away with an amount in excess of 6 lacs. Out of that 6 lacs, 2.5 lacs belongs to my friend. In the above mentioned FIR my name has been mentioned as my room mate was introduced to him in person at my Flat, where I am also a tenant and also as one of the bank account holders through which money was transferred to my room mate. But the later part has been a misunderstanding as no money pertaining to the said 2.5 lacs was transferred through my bank account. Again, it must be noted that an amount of 33000 from another person (say R, who is a friend to my above mentioned friend) was transferred to my said room mate through my bank account which I now believe is part of that 6 lacs. It must be kept in mind that I donot have any contact with R, though I have met R before. My room mate said that some of his money has come to my account and therefore needed me to withdraw it. So I withdrew 27000 from the money gave it to the room mate inside the ATM cabin itself and as my room mate owed me 6000, so he let me have the rest of it. Later when I updated my pass book, I found out it was from R but did not realise he was friend to my friend who registered the FIR because though I have met R at my friend's place in Delhi (my friend was living in Delhi for many years) but was not very familiar with the person. I thought this R must be some one known to my room mate. Even when R credited that amount to my account he did not contact me. (He has not contacted me till date.) My friend has mentioned in the FIR that R was introduced to my room mate by him and now R has also been duped. It may please be noted that FIR was registered by my friend not R. My questions are: (i) Can I be held under any charge ? (ii) If yes under what charges and upto what extent? (iii) Can I be held under any charge for not having my room mate verified? (iv) What is the police procedure in such cases? (v) If my room mate is not apprehended do i have to pay R back any money? (vi) What happens if R files a case or registers an FIR? An early reply shall be appreciated.