Ghar Jamai Issue

I am 34 years old and got married when I was 18. My grandparents and parents wanted to get a ghar jamai for me as I am the eldest daughter. I was never happy in this relationship. My husband only came to me for his physical needs and rest of the time he would just ignore me. He acts very polite in front of others and its hard for anyone to believe that he is cunning and mean in reality. After all these years my dad and mom are now on my side to get a divorce. I was married to him according to the buddhist ritual and there is no certificate of my marriage. We tried settling this matter outside among his and my family but his demands are very high. My mom was the adopted daughter of my grandparents and my dad was also a ghar jamai. Now my grandparents are no more. They have left this property on my mom and dad's name. My husband wants to divide my grandparents property in three parts ( mom, dad and his) and wants his share. He is not leaving our house and he teases us and taunts us whenever he comes near us. I have four younger sisters. He misbehaves with them also. I do not know what should I do? Please help.