Whether Age Relaxation was applicable to Contract Employees

That I was appointed as Office Assistant on Contract Basis on Nov/2002 with Fixed Pay for 3 Years in an Central Autonomous Body of Govt. of India. During the Year 2006 , my Office floated an employment Notice for filling up a Post Of Assistant for 5 Years Contract against Regular Scale of Pay, In the said advertisement it was specially mentioned that ,Max Age Limit is 27 Years. There will be no age limit for Internal candidate, Candidate working in Central Govt./ State Govt./PSU/ Autonomous Body may apply through proper Channel. Sir, I was applied the aforesaid post by mentioning my Age as 29 Years 3 Month 10 Days in my resume, and applied through proper channel. Subsequently I was selected for the post of Assistant on 5 Years Contract against a Sanctioned Post with Scale of Pay. Recently , Our department decided to Regularize all the employees those who are 1) Appointed on 5 Years Contract against Sanctioned Post 2) If the Recruitment rules was followed, and accordingly directed to constitute a committee for Regularisation of Service . Recently, My job was terminated by my appointing authority mentioning that 'At the time of appointment 0n 5 Years Contract, I was Over age by 2 Years 3 Month 10 Days, and I was erroneously appointed by the appointing authority.It is also informed me by my office that at the time of applying the said post on 2006, I was Not an Internal candidate, As per Govt. of India Rules , Only Regular Employees will be treated as 'Internal Candidate' And accordingly released me from my service with one month Pay. After that I made an appeal before Hon'ble CAT , Still it is pending before CAT, Sir I would like to request to inform me the following, so that I can get some mental relief till disposal of my case 1) Is the decision rendered by the Committee in its meeting and Termination Order is sustainable under the Law’ ? 2) Is there any definition of "Internal Candidate' available in Govt. of India Rules , where it is defined that only regular employees will be treated as 'Internal Candidate'. 3) Am I eligible for any Age Relaxation at the time of applying for the Post on 5 Years Contract (Since I was rendered more than 3 Years Continuous Service on Contract Basis with Consolidated pay in the same organization)Whether Age Relaxation was applicable to Contract Employees during the period they have in servicce 4) Whether I was an Internal candidate or Open Market Candidate during 2006 ? 5) Is there any difference between Internal Candidate Vs Departmental candidate 6) Kindly , help me to provide some earlier judgment if any please. Kindly help me sir/madam at the earliest please Sir b)