House Given to rent

Dear Sir, My father legally possessing a home in my township. it was given on rent for a widow women. after completing the agreement of 11 months,she escapes from that home by given to another divorce women without inform us. When we see the another divorce women is living in that home,we went towards the first widow women.she told us that i got another good room thats why i left your home. the second divorced women is having affair with one man who belongs to SC category and doing illegal activities in that place. whenever we are going to tell them escape from home. she calls that man, and that man abuses to my parents. when we went to first widow women to tell this, she did not know about her,and now she is also afraid(Fearful) from them. So What Should We do now. Till today we did not went to police.because that Sc Category Man Possessing Power of doing illegal business.if we went to the police department, the case will be register in court and my family condition is not good to do this.