for claimimg rental and home

my sister got married in 2007 after six months their inlaws started teasing them. my sister come to our house after discussion with their inlaws they started living aprt from their family,after some time they again went to their home again sme thing happened and they start living apart from their family .My sister husband doent do anything and their parents send them to their mamas house and he start misbehaving with them my sister again went to my parents house and we filled application in womens cell jhajjar(haryana) after two three hearings they agreed to give them house after two years and till they pay rs 5000 per month to my sister and jiju for house rent. after paying for three to four months they refused to pay and filled application against my sister that they are forcefully taking this rent . they got summoned and have to appear in chandigarh . actually my sister inlaw is they are teasing us mentally .my parents send their eatables item every month till now. please provide us suitable answer.