Frauded for purchase

Complainant Name : Ritik Chouhan Complainant Contact No : [deleted] Mode : By Web Complaint Type : Complaint State : MADHYA PRADESH Purchase City : Indore Sector : DTH & Cable Category : Cable Grievance Company : Company Name : No registered company Contact Number(Company): Email ID(Company): Company Details Omkar Thakur 15, Shiv nagar, Musakhedi, Indore Contact No. [deleted] Pincode (Company): Product Value(INR) : [deleted] Nature of Complaints : Non refunding the amount Complaint Details : I was in search for set top box, This person as a dealer contacted me after pricing and set top box selection, I transferred him 28000rs. in bank account and further 1000rs. cash in hand. This person first told me to wait for one week first while the deal was only of 2 days delivery. And now it is more than a month this person isn't giving me my money back and also not delivering goods. I am stuck at this point that money was huge amount for me. And when i done he's background check these person is a fraud he already conned many of people's with lacs of rupees i was the only with small amount, police reports don't work here very well. And i am very exhausted in these i feel helpless. These person is a fraud and i can make you contact with my people who after background check told me reality. Now i dont know what to do or how will my money recovered. I've online transfered amount i also have reciept of that transaction as an evidence if you ask I'll give you. I just want help and recovery of my money as soon as possible. He's also told me cuss words upon which I'll lodge police report but that takes time. I need money fast. I've faith in you. Please help me if you can. Thank you.