please help

My father was running a contract bussiness with Hinduatan Unilever in Newdelhi .The depot he was managing was in Punjabhi Bagh and the building was leased in HUL name for Kwality Walls and the refrigerators suppy and service were managed from there . In 2007 one of the drivers kept the refrigerators for charging outside the building compound.There were some petty theives who use to come at night and steal small iron parts of the vehicles and fridges in these areas. One night one of these theifs who was stealing in that area got electric shock due to low lying electric wire and his body was thrown in some distance and it fell on the refrigerators that was kept for charging in my fathers depo and next morning he was found dead there . The complaint regarding the loose wire was already registered by my father few days before the incidence in Electricity board . The police next day registered a complaint against my father sice he was the depo incharge .That in first place should not have been the case as the depo is leased by HUL .The police then took 1lakh rupee to settle the case.We were informed that the victim was a slum guy and the money was paid to the guys parents . 1 year later his parents filed a complaint asking for compensation and the case is going in Delhi court from that time .In 2011 my father bussiness was closed and he became bankrupt and he went missing for an year . Now he is working in Haridwar for a mere 5000 salary and these court procedding every month is taking al that he earns .Its almost 7 years now that no conclusion is coming out of it .The judge one time asked for an out of court settlement and the victims father was asking for 2 lakh ruppe which my father will be unable to bear . In this case my father was not at all involved but still there is no way out to come out of tthis .Can you please suggest some way out . The vehicle on which the body was found was having insurance .I discussed this matter with some people and they informed me that we can claim that money from the insurance agency .Can you please suggest