Clarification regarding property

1. My husband, Sri T.Narsimha’s grandfather had two wives and the second wife did not have any children. The first wife had four daughters and one son (my husband’s father). My husband’s father had four sons and four daughters. My husband is the second son. the used to take care of her till her death. She had a house with 187 sq. yards and she wrote it and gave in the name of husband (i.e. her grandson). 2. My husband is the second of the four sons. Since the second grandmother had no children, my husband used to look after her and took care of her till her death. This grandmother had a small house of 187 sq. yards, which she wrote and gave in the name of my husband (since he took care of her). We further modified and improved the house and we are living in this house. 3. My husband has three brothers, out of which, one brother is dead. Both his parents are also dead. My husband’s father had an own house and in which the three brothers will get an equal share. This lands original my husband grandfather. However, my husband’s two brothers are telling that since the grandmother has given her house to my husband and we are living there, he will not get a share in the father’s house and is telling that we should not go and ask for our share. But, we feel that we should also get a share in the father’s house. Moreover, recently, my husband met with a major bus accident and he has lost his right hand. 4. Taking a look at the details mentioned above, I request you to kindly clarify and let me know whether my husband has a right to claim his share in his father’s house. My husband father cannot distribute to this house to any body. Kindly response to early possible. Thanking you sir, Yours faithfully K. Kamala