Ulc 10(6)

Question 1) Original patterdar died before ULC Act 1976 his son mr. A was become patterdar as per ROR Records in various survey no. Including survey no. X . In the year 2004 mr. A filed form 6(1) for all survey no. Other than survey no. X . Executive report was conducted which says mr. A is owner of variours sy, no. Which mentioned in form 6(1) And also sy. No. X which is recreation zone and he already sold his all all land in sy. No.x . Spl officer issued proceedings till 10(5) on 6/1/1/ 2008 no reply was filed as he was in hospital and dead on 16/2/2008!and 10(6) was done 14/2/2008. Question 2) he already sold 2 acres in 1987 out of bigger extent in sy. No. X which in recreation zone (ulc 2g1) expected by EO report it self. Question 3) the subjected 2 acres land taken in the custody of court by adv comm. against company in liquidation as per com act 1956 and sold in public auction in 2004 and present owner are possisioner of Said land from date of purchase no information given to us by ulc. Question 4) what is our legal status in 2015