Need Money Back From Buyer

-I listed my laptop on ebay & it was purchased by a buyer called Brijesh Sharma. -The buyer was found to be working with a company which is very near to my office. -So, I handed over the laptop to him personally after he made transaction through ebay website with his Amex card. -I never sold anything on ebay & later found that my money has been refunded to buyer because I violated an ebay policy which doesn't allow hand delivery of product. -Now I don't have my laptop as well as money. -Buyer (Brijesh Sharma) has both laptop & & money (Refunded ny ebay to his Amex credit card) -Called ebay support on 20/11/2014 at 4:15PM. -The excutive (Niharika - Executive) putted on hold for 10 min & confirmed that payment has been refunded back to American express card of buyer via transaction id -Bank Transaction +ID: MAEC[deleted]. -However, american express officially denied any refund to buyer card on email. -Called up buyer & he accepted that ebay has refunded him to his credit card but he has alreadt discontinued that card & amex cannot provide refund to him by cash or cheque. -The buyer then applied for a new amex card which costed him Rs. 5000. -Now buyer asked me to swipe his card any where so he can return my money. -Meanwhile suddenly he denied to pay me back. -Can I file a case or legal notice to this man. -Ebay is not supporting by saying that I have voilated policies & not I have to sort it out with buyer. -I am not at all a regular seller. This was my first transaction on ebay which left me with disgusting experience. -I work for an IT firm & just sold my personal laptop on ebay due to a need of money but I am waiting for the same since 8 months now. -I understand that I have violated ebay policy by had delivering the product to buyer but had I been aware about this process I won't have done it. It was just by luck that the buyer happened to be working in very next building to me. -You guys have suspended out account & now buyer has my laptop & I did not get money, neither the buyer has got any refund in his card. -SR # of the conversation was [deleted]. Regards, Vijay Dahiya