Suit filed about a agriculture land discripency

In 1948 a agriculture land is purchased in my mother name (but it mentioned in the sale deed that my mother is surviving by my father earning) land patta revenue records are all maintained by my father in his name that land is given to me by my father by oral partition in 1980 after that iam cultivating that land and kist is paid by me in my father name and am taking agriculture loan on my name. In this mean my mother exicuted a settlement deed in my sister and her sons name in 2000 and in 2001 i had filed a suit agsinst my sister and her sons, none of them appeared in court (also my mother expired in 2006 )so in 2010 i got a decree favour to me, mentioning none of them should interfer in my peacefull possesion. And in 2011 i had filed another suit in civil court to cancell that settlement deed excicuted by mother mentioning that patta is in father name so my mother hav no right to excicute the deed that case is in pending in court. By the mean time in 2012 my sister had sold that land to a third party and that third party is appering in court and arguing against me. Will this case will favour me or against me please clarify