My wife is not willing to live with me in my place.

I got married on 2010. I am having 4 years old daughter. We were stayed in the rental house along with my in-laws. During june 2014, there was some misunderstanding with my wife along with my in-laws.As my in-laws harassed me with illegal words, i left out of the house.Now i am staying lonely. My daughter is with my wife. She is not turning to live with me where i am staying right now. Asked her the reason, She replied that my father(her in-law) may give sexual torture to her. But this is not true. Somebody(her mother) not interested to send her to my place. So she is telling false words to harass my family members.I filed the petition in nearby womens police station recently. They enquired her and me. But she replied the same and willing to live with me only if stayed near her parents place.But i would like to live with her separately in different place to avoid further quarrel between her parents. But she is not accepting it as she is blaming my father. Otherwise she is ready to give divorce. But she is asking 35 lacs for getting divorce.I dont have property. From my earned amount,there is one registered land in my wife name on 2013. She is used to tell more lie about me and my family.What to do? give me suggestions whether to divorce or do something else? I dont have property now. I am earning 20000 per monthe in a private institution.Give me right solution to divorce without giving amount.