Personal Loan Mis-sell & Cyber Forgery Complaint

My name is Rik Bhattacharjee, MBA and employed at HDFC Life Insurance Ltd applied for a personal loan of amount of Rs 399,999 as on 17th August 2019 through Mr Bijoy Das Off Role Sales Agent (Non Digital) however at the new business stage it was identified that the personal loan is being missold to me in terms of interest rates and the ‘Loan Commercials and T&C E-sign’ was forged electronically. I challenge the email with subject line ‘Loan Commercials and T&C for your loan app.’ from [deleted] with CC [deleted] since I never accepted it and hence it is forged. I have applied the loan from MyAccount on Bajaj Finance website and the Rate of Interest shown on the page is 15% and variation of 13% to 41% of the rate is not mentioned on this page as per the Section 2 of the terms and conditions of e-Agreement. The inappropriate of the Rate of Interest is mentioned on MyAccount under Pre Approved offers. The Rate of Interest mentioned could be termed as “misleading advertisement” under clause (ii) of sub-section 28 of section 2 of The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 since it gives a false guarantee to, or is likely to mislead the consumers as to the nature, substance, quantity or quality of such product or service. On the loan application web page it is mentioned that the Rate of Interest is 14% onwards & the offered rate is 15% which is higher than minimum rate of interest of 14% however later on it was increased to 23% without my knowledge & deviating from offered Rate of Interest of 15%. Please let me know the reason why Rate of Interest was changed to 23% from 15% which was communicated through MyAccount earlier as it could be termed as “unfair trade practices” under sub-clause (f) of clause (i) of sub-section 47 of section 2 of The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 since it makes a false or misleading representation concerning the need for, or the usefulness of, any goods or services.