Maximum Time in Filing Chargesheet

Respected All, I feel to go nowhere when I see the system working so slow. I wanted to know what is the Maximum Time an I/O can file a chargesheet on attempting to prove an Innocent accuse of Sections 354D / 34 / 66d / 506 on behalf of his long time girlfriend (she mentions in an FIR) and her father. Its going to be a year crossed, only once an I/O called to investigate what went wrong. There are several goods she had taken from our house, which I/O listened politely, nothing happened. In spite of questioning girl & her father, it seems that whole system agrees & become helpless in front of girl no matter she accuses whosoever & says anything (....) will be considered as surely would had been done & is true without even thinking once. I also received Sms from her stating her father is forcefully marrying her somewhere else which accidently I deleted it as I never thought she will accuse me. All this is done in Vengence by her father making her forcefully agree. I had a respect for her till she came with her father to file FIR. Nothing happened to her by me. She would be happy in her house, I never went there after that FIR. In 1 year, no summon came, not even chargesheet created. She had requested an Activa (scooter) from us as we purchased it new in 2009 & we gave her to ride in 2012 for few days. Now instead returning it after closing this chapter, she kept it hidden in the Parking somewhere & we came to know from there that its lying and if you are owner come to pick it up otherwise Parking Contractor will send it as unknown to Police & they will sell it. Now as I think chargesheet should be filed first so that the respected Judge would ask her where are goods including Activa which u brought. On the other hand Contracter is also requesting to pick it up. Please suggest as I want to win this case, I can proove that she was using it, (for Section 66d, the passwords were shared between her e-mail & mine, I will prove that). I didn't file FIR against her as she could have filed Rape case also against me which I never did that. I know it will not be proved however I don't want to go through that process. May I request court to take action & ask I/O what's going on in this case, how much extra time he needs more. And what is best right now to be done for that Scooter, whether I should pick it up or leave it there as it forgetting its further conditions and wait for respected Judge to question her & get me. Or should I ignore the fact that in Vengence she can add Rape in the Chargesheet & file a FIR against her Sections 420 & Threat, when request for goods back. Chargesheet maximum Time in this case? Help.