fraud with my car

Dear sir/madam. I gave my car to a car mechanic for repairng. After a week when I returned to mechanic shop than I found it closed. When I asked by near by people than they said that mechanic is run away. When I asked about my car than I found that mechanic had sold my car to a lawyer (also a car dealer) and when I asked lawyer to retured it than he refused. On my questioning he accepted o have my car and also showed me the car sales agreement which was signed by car mechanic. He also had my car original car registration card (R.C) which I forgot in my car. Now lawyer is not returing my car and he is pressureing me to file a FIR. Even CAR RC is on my name and I'm the owner. I don't have car insurance but still my car is on my name. However I have some video recordings where lawyer is accepting tha. 1. He having sales aggrement between him and car mechanic 2. He was well aware that car mechnic will run away within a month. 3.he had some due payment with the mechnic therefore he is taking over my car. 4. He is giving me thread to have a fave to fave in court . 5. He is showing his approaches and trying to pressure me I'm quite sure that,, neither I have not signed any kind of agreement with lawyer nor with car mechanic. Now please tell me that how strong is my case. I'm a student and want to go abroad for further study. I and my family is afraid. Is there any possibility if I fire a Fir against him than can he make a fake case against me. What should I do please guide me. Still I'm owner and already filed a objection application on non transfer of RC in court. Please quide me