regarding Punjab Civil Services(2nd Amendment)Rules,Volume-I2015

sir, i arun hereby want to clairfy that i had apply for clerk post in state university in 2013 for which paper has been conducted on [deleted] and interview on [deleted] but now on appointment , i listened that university is going to apply above Punjab Civil Services(2nd Amendment)Rules,Volume-I2015 on which i will be given only basic salary without grade pay , this rule is effective from [deleted] as per above circular, sir i want to know that whether this rule rule will be applicable on those advertisements in punjab which are published before [deleted] and if yes then how? plz clarify my email id :- [deleted] [deleted] circular is as follows: GOVERNMENT OF PUNJAB DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE (FINANCE PERSONNEL-l BRANCH) The rs" January, 2015 NOTIFICA TION No.7/204/2012-4FP1I60 :-In excercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to article 309 of the . Constitution of Indiaand all other powers enabling him in -this behalf, the Governor of Punjab is: .' pleased to make the following rules further to amend the Punjab Civil Services Rules, Volurne-L, Part- 1, namely:- • RULES These rules may be called the Punjab Civil Services (2nd Amendment) Rules, Volume-I, i' Part-l , 2015. They shall come into force on and with effect from the date of their publication in the Official Gazette. 2. In the Punjab Civil Services Rules, Volume-l , Part-l (hereinafter referred to as the said rules), after rule 2.20, the following rule, shall be inserted, namely:- • 1. (1) (2) "2.20-A. 'Fixed Monthly Emoluments' means the emoluments, drawn by a 90vernment employee, but the":said emoluments shall.not include any d~ade Pay, annual increment or anv othel:'" allowance, except the travelling allowance as per entitlement of the post held by sue h employee. fI 3. In the said rules,- (i) in rule 4.1, for sub-rule Cl), the following sub-rule shall be substituted, namely:- "(1) Subject to the rules contained in this Chapter, a competent authority may fix the pay of a Government employee, but his pay shall not be so increased as to exceed the pay sanctioned for his post without the sanction of the authority competent to create a post in the same cadre on a rate of pay equal to his pay when increased: (ii) Provided that the Government employee [except a member of service of the Punjab Civil Services (Judicial Branch) and the employees covered under clause (a) of rule 4.4], shall be entitled to receive the emoluments, as specified in rule 2.20-A, during the period of his probation: .: " Provided further that if a Government employee falling under cla.ise (a) of rule -, '4.4, is appointed to a posi;his-pay'durrrig'th~t'pe~1~djof'h1;p~~bation, sha.ll not exceed' the pay, which he was drawing on the post on which he holds lien: Provided further that when the services of a Government employee, are regularized, in that case the period spent on probation by him, shall not be treate d to be the time, spent on such post."; in rule 4.4, in clause (b), for the words "the time scale provided", the-words "the tl'me scale, on appointment in Government service in the case of a member of service of u.le Punjab Civil Service (Judicial Branch), and on completion of probationinother cases, pro~i.ded,"; and Contd PI2 !" --2- (iii) in rule 4.9, in clause (a), in Note 4, for the words "probationer is confirmed", the words "probationer, other than a probationer receiving fixed monthly emoluments, is confirmed" shall be substituted. VINI MAHAJAN, Principal Secretary to Government of Punjab, Department of Finance. Endorsement No. 7/204/20 12-4FPlI6 ( Dated, Chandigarh, the 15th January, 2015 A copy is forwarded to the followings for information and necessary action'- 1. .2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. ' All the Heads of Departments; Registrar, Punjab & Haryana High Court; Commissioners of Divisions; District and Sessions Judges, Punjab; All Deputy Commissioners in the State of Punjab; Chairman, Punjab State Language (Legislative) Commission District Treasury Officers in the State. po ~G/r1t A ~bVf _ ( Kamlesh Arora) Deputy Secretary Finance Endorsement No. 7/204/2012-4FPl/ bl- Dated, Chandigarh, the rs" January, 2015 A copy is forwarded to :- 1. ' The Principal Accountant General (A&E), Punjab, Chandigarh; and 2. The Principal Accountant General (Audit), Punjab, Chandigarh for information and necess: ary action. suti*"t~t Endorsement No. 7/204/2012-4FPlI b 2> Dated, Chandigarh, the 15th January, 2015 A copy ai g with two attested copies to the Controller, Printing and Statior iary Punj<.lb, Chandigarh with the request to supply 500 printed copies after publication this notification in tl.e ordinary gazettee of the Govt. of Punjab. Endorsement No. 7/204/2012-4FPlI bY Dated, Chandigarh, the 15th January, 2015 A copy of the above is forwarded to the Chief Secretary to Government of Punjab, all the Financial Commissioners and Principal Secretaries/Administrative Secretaries to Govern ment of Punjab for info'rmation and necessary action. ' To 1. The Chief Secretary to Government of Punjab; 2. All the Financial Commissioners to Government of Punjab; 3. All the Principal Secretaries, to Government of Punjab; and 4. All the Administrative Secretaries to Government of Punjab. Endorsement No. 7/204/2012-4FPlIO'S Dated, Chandigarh, the is" January, 2015 A copy is forwarded to Director, Public Enterprises and Disinvestment, Finance Department, Punjab for information and necessary action. ~Jd~'-;' Superintendent - ,