lost faith in my father after he had a second marriage

i m a 16 yr old boy from a muslim backdrop.recently my father(41yrs) had a second marriage with a muslim divorcee (maybe not). my mother is illiterate.she has almost noone in this world except me.my father is rich as compared to my paternal uncles and relatives. therefore he alwys keep helping them by means of money. in previous months whenever i have called him( he is posted in kolkata) he has abused me. when i heard the news of his second marriage i went to kolkata to find that it is right or not. there i found the news right and said him characterless etc(not abusive words) then he slapped me thrice. im feeling highly tensed. it is only me who knows how i managed to reduce his anger. im feeling very helpless.plz help me. 1) how could i make me my mother and my little sister financially better? 2)he says it is impossible to remove his second wife. but im scared about my parents because in kolkata these type of things are not new. gangs uses women as trap for well settled rich people. plz tell me how can i get my father back from her?