site issue

sir we have a land measuring 600 sq yrds which we bought directly from the farmers and direct owners of the land.we registered in 2012. from 2012 the land is in our control. we have built the boundry wall surrounding the land. and recently 1 month back one person came and saying that the same land they purchased in 2004 from some other person. so we have taken CC of that document and verified it is registered to them in 2004 but the same surnames persons have registered and there are not the direct owners of the land but the same surnames people have sold that land to other person in 2004. that land is in our control since 2012 and we have built the boundry walls surrounding. we have taken status quo ( injection order ) on that person name in last month. but last week we were out of station so that person went to our site and broke all the boundry walls built by us and he build up new boundry wall and shed like small room in that site and taken electrical supply to that room. even though we r having status quo without informing to ur that person had break our walls and build up new boundry walls and small room with electrical supply. now please kindly say us what step we shuld take . please kindly say me what activities shuld i do now take that land in my control.