recovery of outstanding money from partner

Dear sir, In2016 i have open small agro unit in partnership.In start partner told me that he will invest all money n u have to work as technical director. But after few mnth he asked me for money.I asked them to give me any confirmation so that i can leave job as per their need bcoz i have to pay min 35 thnd per mnth for home n EMI.They told me i will fulfill it.They made only Director joining documents but no salary mentioned. After that few mnth i asked them for 35 thnd /mnth requirements. They told company don't have money,u r director company can't pay u payment & told me if u want to leave then u that time they set up plant,lab etc from me.After every business deal they committed thing went wrong......i was very nervous n helpless so decided to leave.But many times i asked them for money recovery ,they r not responding now.....I have trasfer money to personal account of partner....During plnat set up few amont he give me from company account but that time he count it as director payment..... Now my que is can i file case for amount which was trasfer him in personal??? Or money from company account can be count as recovery for me?? Bcoz for director payment there is no document made but i have phone call recored & msg photos which shows that he promise me to give all recovery but now he only trying to ignore me...n told me i have not told like this for every work & other things he is blaming me bcoz he was unable to make good marketing team n unable to manage money collection... I don't have any rights for marketing n collection bcoz that was their dept & he has 75% company share so he is whole n sole....plz guod me how to recover my money....i have maximum call recording,whatssaap chat & call recording of employees worked there which show that my partner do other n talk other... Thanx