What to do

I'm married fr 25 yrs my husband is an alcoholic has been drinking fr the past 20 yrs he isn't working fr the past few years I'm 45 yrs old and looking after the family all the loans also. I've been going through very bad mental torture for many years I used to manage cry fight and go through it alone too much of accusation doubt vulgar profanity and more . I slowly started standing up to the torture I stopped giving him money and I couldnt hear any more dirty things i couldnt tolerate the harrasment so i moved in with my daughter and her husband i got her married in dec 2014 I took money on credit and got her married single handedly he doesn't look after the house, the children myself or his parents his accusations became more when i stopped giving him money to drink he has gone into my facebook account and taken copies of snaps of me and my friends and he has made a cd and he is going and showing everybody and telling them that i hv lost my chatacter and i am a bad woman who sleeps with everyone he has accused me of everyone including his brother also im very much disturbed i dont hv the strength to listen to all the harrasment again he has raised his hand on me also where i just lodged a complaint against him as this time he took a knife to hurt me that was in july 2014 but the police called him and warned him he said he wont do it again but came home and started torturing me again i am working in a call centre and do night shift he doesnt let me sleep at all he keeps on using vulgar abusive words to me so for peace sake im staying in my daughters house as its becum too much now i cant take it any more he calls up work and tries to get information about my friends he speaks bad about me at wrk also my friends are my motivation they support me a lot as I'm going through trauma very badly he is messaging me and telling me he is going to harm my close friends I'm trying my best to be strong. He can't see me not being affected so his torture is increasing his parents who are very old and his brothers hv advised him a lot but he will not listen to anybody I haven't had him touch me for nearly 4 years I don't want to go back to him please help me and guide me in what I have to do.