Rent Arrears

Respected Advocates, I had given my shop at Rs. 20,000 p.m rent and the tenant payed regular rent to me for 3 years but due to corona he stopped paying rent and consequently he was in arrears of 7 months rent and 10,000 electricity bill. I served him one notice and pressurized him through mutuals, after which he eventually vacated my shop in my absence and handed over the keys to my cousin (in short he ran away). When I pressurized him through mutuals he did a settlement and gave me post dated cheque of amount equal to 5 month rent and waived 2 month rent in lieu of COVID to which I agreed and did a written agreement. But those cheques have now bounced and also he has not paid electricity bill of Rs 10,000. Now my question to learned advocates are:- 1. Can I claim 7 months rent through rent controller? Since he is not my tenant now, then will the proceedings before rent controlled be maintainable? 2. Should I claim 5 month rent through cheque bounce case and 2 months through rent controller? 3. If not rent controller, then should I file civil suit? How much time does civil suits take and is it an effective remedy? 4. Is there any way by which he can be pressurized through police? 5. How can I claim electricity bill which eventually I had to pay?