My Property has been fraudulently Registered by my cousin brother

I am a resident of Vadodara Gujarat. I have ancestral property in Kerala. My father's elder brother used to look after this property. In order to maintain cordial family relations my father never asked his brother details about the ancestral property. My father's elder brother expired 3 years back. Recently I came to know from my cousin brother (My father's late elder brother's son) that he is the sole owner of the entire estate. I panicked and took out a certified copy of the registration documents from the office of the Sub Registrar. To my horror i found that the entire property has been registered in the name of my father's late elder brother in 2003. My father has never given his consent for such registration and neither has he ever visited the Sub-Registrar's Office. The fraudulent registration has been done by my father's late elder brother and his son organised the same in collusion with the Govt. officials. I discovered the same now. I am now extracting copies of all other documents of the entire property through RTI Act. (1) What is the remedy available to me to get back my father's share of property ? (2) How can i bring my cousin brother who is instrumental in committing this fraud to book ?