Opening a savings account

I went to a private bank to open a savings account . All my documents were ok, but the bank demanded that they need a cheque from other bank for initial funding of the account. I said i will pay by cash as their account opening form has the option of providing cash as initial funding. The manager refused and i had to write a cheque to open the account. After i came home i contacted the banks grievance department by mail but did not receive any satisfactory reply all they said is to treat this instance as an aberration and not as a general reflection of their services. Further till now the bank will not accept cash as initial funding and a cheque has to be given. I told the manager that its in the banks account opening form there is an option to provide cash or cheque , then how can the bank demand from the customer only cheque. i can simply not open an account with the bank and also close my account if i chose to but i cannot accept the fact that a bank is not following its policies and making me do what they want. Since this is a private bank what legal options do i have. Also please correct me if the bank is right. I went through the banking ombudsman scheme and according to it a bank cannot deny a customer to open a deposit account without a valid reason.