Is parking on the road in front of a shop illegal?

I live in Tilak Nagar, Chembur, Mumbai. There is a government run milk center just out side my building compound on the pavement of the road. Usually I have to park my vehicle on the road due to insufficient parking space in my residential complex. The road outside my complex has no restrictions on parking. There are no "No Parking" zones defined by the municipal corporation. I parked by vehicle just outside my compound in front of the milk center. I had ensured that there was enough space for people to access the milk center. Next morning, the owner of the milk center put her milk crates on the bonnet of my car thereby damaging my car bonnet with scratch marks. When I confronted her asking why did she put the crates, she said you parked your car in front of my shop and if you do it again I will do the same again. My questions is, does she have right to the road in front of her shop, can she restrict other from parking on it. Also, even if the answer to the above questions is yes, does she have the right to damage anyone's car which is parked in front of her shop? I filed a NC report with the local police station under IPC section 427 for the damage of my car. The police officer advised me to approach court with the copy of the NC report. What is the next course of action should I take?