Need help

Hi Myself 25 year old unmarried female, the only child of my parents. I am working in a private firm for the last three years. My parents had a love marriage and got separated three years back, now I am living with my mother in a rented house. My parents had a troubled marriage. Now the problem is both my father and mother did not have any savings and sold all their properties which they got as share from my grandparents which in turn left me with nothing. I am taking care of my mother and myself only with my salary. My mother is least interested in me getting married and says that it is not her responsibility and she isn't capable of doing so. Recently she is demanding to have my entire monthly salary saying that I am not capable enough to look after the household things and all. Even though she is my mother, I am not having a good feeling about her. Now I want to move on in my life with marriage and further studies. But she says I cant leave her alone like this since she cant take care of her own. Please advise whether there is any legal obligations on this matter