Registration of Ancestral Property

Hello, My grandfather has written WILL with regards to the house in our village (in 1986). The WILL says that my father and my uncle (father's younger brother), each will have 50% share on the house+the empty land (which is behind the house itself). And when my uncle pays around Rs. 28,000 in one shot, to my father, then only my uncle will have full authority over the entire property. My father is no more. I see from the records that around 60% of the property is in my uncle's name. My uncle claims authority over the entire property. As far as I know, neither he has given the required amount to my father in the past nor my father has written anything as such to relinquish his share to him. Local village panchayat say that they have no information about the registration of other half of our property and have no clue about my uncle paying the amount to my father. This info I got through RTI. My question is, Can the share of the property that my father had according to the WILL, be registered under my mother's name. If so, what is the procedure? Thanks,