Ex Employer Not paying the salary

I have been working in a private software concern for quite sometime. During the time, the managing director who is also the owner of the company used to keep our salaries pending. But whenever we gone and spoke to him regarding this he used to give some false hopes like we are going to get some investments, so the situation will become fine. All the employees from our company are having their salaries pending. Fact is that the company is actually not making money through projects, I do understand the fact. But in-order to run an organization, the owner should have got the capital in his hands to pay out the salaries. If he doesn't have money, he must have shut the company and should have released the employees from the company. So that we could have tried getting a job in a different company(Who pays salary). He did nothing and doesn't even feel responsible for his act. Now I have recently joined a new company. But my pending salary from the previous company are in some lacs. I don't want to leave that money just like that. Please help me on this.