Regarding fresh passport

Hello All, I have been adopted when I was one year of age from my uncle and aunt. I have following documents 1. Birth Certificate - Name - vikas, and Uncle and Aunty 2. Adoption certificate - Name - vikas, adoption from Uncle and Aunty to Mother and Father 3. 10th, 12th, Degree - Name - Dhruv, Mother and Father Name I have applied with these documents in Delhi and got the comment that Name on birth certificate is written by pen so i was asked to bring the new birth certificate. I got the new birth certificate with Name Dhruv and uncle aunty name. The passport office told that adoption and birth certificate has different name. I had to leave Delhi for my job and I have moved to Bangalore and stopped following the application. After one year police inquiry came for the same and as I was not residing there so passport office reported that discrepancy in address. Then I have asked the application to be closed. Now i want to apply for the passport in Bangalore. I have another birth certificate with Dhruv and mother and father name as my passport agent suggested me to remove the adoption part from procedure. I have following documents now 1. Birth Certificate - Name - Dhruv, Father and Mother name 2. 10th, 12th, Degree - Name - Dhruv, Mother and Father Name Can i apply for the passport? Or my old application will cause any hindrance? Please suggest.