Getting a property from Paternal uncle.

My father had born with 3 elder brothers (B1, B2, B3) and one younger brother (B4) and one younger sister(S1). My father had dreams of building a house for his parents before his marriage and he built a house for them and registered it in my Grandfathers name with some very minimal financial help from his brothers B1 and B3. (We have no written document or what so ever to prove it!) I know it won't stand in the court of law! 1. My father's elder brother B1 does not have any children and his youngest brother B4 looked after him for some days and got him(B4) as his(B1) legal heir.(He gave 1000 rupees in total 26000 expense for building the house) and later left him(B1) to rot in a old age home and he died there in 2011! 2. My father's second brother B2, done some carpentry work for the house and gave his contribution in physical work! He ran away some 50 years ago, No signs of him. 3. My father's third brother gave very minimal financial help in building the house. (He gave 1500 rupees in total of 26000) He is living till today! 4. My father contributed 21500(He died in 1995) and the remaining is contributed by his father (My GF) 5. My fathers younger brother B4 had contributed in doing some carpentary and help work. 6. My Father's younger sister also contributed in some physical work. So that being said, Now my father younger brother B4 had occupied the house, which is worth 1 crore now + we have 2 more ancestral property worth 2 crores totally. He(B4) is saying he has his own rights + rights of B1 as he choose to be his legal heir. He is coming to a settlement of 40 Lakhs as my father's share. Which I find is unjust. I asked for 60 Lakhs OR give me the house, I would pay 10 lakhs to the rest three OR sell everything and we can divide equally. We are not able to come to any terms... So my question is this, If I go to the court of law. 1. If I am adamant on the house that my father built with his brother's minimal help, Is there is any chance for court to settle that house in my favor? I am ready to pay the remaining share to them as per court's order. 2. I have equal rights as any of my uncle's... If my uncles are also adamant on the house, What will be the outcome? a. Will court give the house to them. b. Will the court order to sell all properties and share the money equally? c. Is there is any other possible outcomes?