Getting custody of my two sons from illegal custody of my parents

Sir, I wish to thank you for your most prompt reply but it seems that you have not gone throughouly my letter .It has been mentioned clearly that grandparents have totally brainwashed/ polluted my childrens’ mind and they are not willing to stay with their parents ; relevant lines are reproduced below : My parents with their highly nefarious and evil designs have totally brainwashed, polluted and poisoned our young children to such an extent that they refuse to come to us, stay with us and even talk withus. Moreover, when I tried to contact my kids, my parents made a complaint to the Child Care Help Line. It is obvious and but natural that I have already consulted some senior advocates of High court , some higher known judicial judges and senior Police personnel and some very knowledgable / reputed persons on this matter and a few actions have already been initiated in the matter or are under my serious consideration pl. I hope and urge your kindself to pl. go through my letter again and above mentioned facts. I expect a very best legal action/ course for which I shall be ever be grateful to you. Thanks & Regards, V.K.Sharma ( On bSir, Contd.-......... some senior advocate of high court have guided /suggested for filing of a complaint in Police. And if no action is taken by Police ,then it to be followed by heabus corpus in High court. So by providing best legal advise.You may also guide to contact best possible lawyer in Jaipur , who can reallyget us Justice at the earliest . Thanks. ehalf of aggrieved relative )