harrased by my wife and her father also there relatives

Sir, I have married 2 years 6 months.They have cheated me at the time marriage(Her age and education). i found this after one week of marriage. After that they reversely started torching me. Put a meeting between my relatives about small issues like don't waste electricity and wear a saree and some silly reasons.Everyone in the meeting members ignored this and solve the problem again her father come with 5 members and beaten me and my father what she told her father in the phone i don't know.But i take care her very much.After that my father dead. She and her father treated me very cheaply in that occasion.After she went to her home and go to a job, gave her salary to her father. After one year she came again.And stay at my home 3 months then again same process.Her father went with 7 members again take her their home.These all issues handled by one her relative I don't understand what is happening.i and my mother take her with very care due to all these reasons. i have only one brother, he also stay at other place due to job.My father already dead.But one thing she is asking separate family but i reject this. Up to now i don't ask extra money or not torching her. My question i have no life guarantee,And also lose my good name.What i have to do with these persons when they attacked me i don't know.At house i and my mother only.