Wife sends Court notice from India to husband in USA

I live in US on H1-B work visa, originally I am from Mumbai, India. Almost 2 years ago, when I had gone to Canada for work purpose, during my absence my wife ran away with our 3 year old son (US citizen) to India without informing me. I did not make a police complaint because I thought I will convince and bring her back. I went to India last year for that, but she refused to come back. Since she has left, she has not picked up my phone calls nor allowed me to speak to my son. Few days back her lawyer contacted me and asked for mutual divorce by me paying her money, I refused and said I think we can work it out. Now she has filed a divorce and alimony case in Ahmedabad, India and asking for very high alimony. We had married in Ahmedabad, India. I got the family court notice from her by email, asking me to appear in court within a month, they send the original to my India home, which has not yet been received. In her divorce petition, she has filed all false charges against me and my parents that we were mentally harassing her.My parents live 6 months in India and 6 months in US, they are Indian citizen. I asked an Indian lawyer if I can ignore the court notice, he said I can but the court will give its verdict, he wasn't sure how they will enforce the notice on me in US, maybe through Indian embassy. He advised me to hire a lawyer in India and fight the case there, since I can't go there, I will have to give power of attorney to someone there on my behalf who will appear in court when needed. I did the mistake of not filing a police complaint here and not filing for divorce from here itself. Please advice what are the best alternatives for me to handle this situation. Can I still ignore the notice?. Can I or should I take any action against her in US?. I would like to do that only if it is enforceable in India or there is any benefit. If she can just ignore any notice I send from here, there is no point. Any advice is appreciated.