Extramarital affair & Property protection

I am Mrs. Durga of age 59 years, my husband aged 68 years old retired central govt officer and we have two sons. My husband always kept torturing me mentally & physically from the very beginning of our married life but I didn't able to complain anywhere as I was more focused on my children’s future and carrier, if I complain at that point of time he might ignore to take minimum responsibility of my children. He has always taken us for granted. He is having an extramarital affair with an unmarried woman of approx 50 years old for about last 15 years from now. It came to our notice about this affair about ten years back. Recently I got some proof that they stay together in weekends or (2-5 Days) in a rented accommodation about 100 km away from our city, there they also booked a plot in a residential area. My husband says that he visit there to take classes as he is a part time lecturer in a college. Sometimes they also stay at hotels in different locations. I didn't complain legally about this issue before but the present situation is intolerable for me and my sons at this age. I want him to get caught red handed with the help of local police as I know this is an offence. My husband is getting good amount of pension, but he does not provide me with any maintenance though my name is registered in Central Govt Pension Book. I don’t have any property in my name, in all aspect me and my sons are deprived from every right. My questions are: Q1. I want to know how I can protect my husband ownership home where I stay at present from being handover to his kept. Q2. What is the percentage of share I can get from my husband’s total property and what are the procedures to protect it from being handover to his kept? Q3. How can I get to know about all his property which is hidden from me? Can I file Right to Information Act in this regard. Q4. Legally my husband’s kept can claim any percentage of property from him or not? Q5. I want to know the procedure to catch my husband red-handed with his kept from (hotel or rented accommodation) with the help of local police. What can be his and her kept punishment for such incident? Q6. If the police ignore to take complain for catching him what can I do at that point of time, is there any legal notice/letter me or my son should carry so the police can’t ignore to take complain? Q7. How can I keep my husband detached from being having affair with his kept for the rest of their life, and what are the legal action that can be taken if he wants to keep the relations in future? I am in a serious trouble & it is a threat to our right & security. I hope you will take this case sympathetically and your valuable advice can save us. I will be eagerly waiting for your reply at the earliest at your end and shall remain grateful for your positive support. Thanks & regards, Durga