Scam from Aliens Group in hyderabad

Respected Sir, I had purchased a flat in Aliens space station 1 in 2009 when the Aliens group committed to deliver it by Dec 2011 but they have not even built even 10% of the project with nothing started for the unit in which the flat was allocated to me. Every year they were saying that they don't have enough money to speed up or don't have enough labor but since last year when the complaints against them are increasing, they started saying they can consolidate ppl in the already built units but in fact they are just trying to shift ppl to some other fake projects which were all started at the same time as space station 1. Since they had not returned anybody's money as per their response yet for those cases/cancellations and there is lot of delay in getting the money back, we thought of redirecting our investment to something where we can get registration done faster to avoid loosing our 23 lakhs(which we took on loan). Aliens group migrated us to Aliens hub project which they were promising to start registration from August 2014 but every month till today they are just postponing without giving proper dates or any commitment. We are lost and not able to decide if we should be filling a case against them or we should be positive and wait for them. Can you pls suggest.