Legal advice needed urgently

Sir/Madam, I come to u looking for help. Some time back I had got some transcription work done for a guy from Eldoret, Kenya who promised to offer $15/hr. Forget the rate he has not paid me the money (32$- I know it may be a meager amount to some) but I have really worked very hard for it). What surprises me is that this guy being a University grad has no fear at all for the law inspite of my case being intervened by a police officer from Eldoret itself. It amazes me that nothing has been done in my case as I have been repeatedly informed by the inspector that the guy kept promising to meet him but didn't. I have been just made to go from pillar to post for my money. I want to make sure that things are brought to light so that he & others like him don't even think of cheating innocent people like me. I look to you in getting this guy exposed & also in recovering my money by pressurizing him to pay up Pls help me Sir/Madam as you have the position as well as power to do so. Could you please provide me a free consultation & advice what action can be taken against this crook. Thanks in advance.