Maintenance/Alimony Amount Receivable by Spouse

Hi, I have been married for 5 years and have a girl child of 4 years. Due to Constant harassment from my mother in law and husband, I have decided to seek divorce. Now the problem lies in the maintenance amount, as my Husband is only ready to pay me 7 lacs as full and final settlement. During the last 5 years, my father had paid him about Rs 15 lacs (2.40 lacs through bank and rest in cash). Now according to my advocate the maximum alimony that I can claim is Rs 10.00 lacs. My Husband is currently earning a Salary of Rs 85,000/Month (Out of which Home Loan of Rs 30,000/Month) is paid. We actually used to stay in another flat owned by me (Given to me by my father). I earn a salary of Rs 10,000/month through a part time job. I have not been working for 3 years after marriage as my child was too young. Now considering the amount of Salary he earns and the cost involved in raising the Child (Cost like Education, Marriage etc..) Rs 10.00 lacs is quite small. I would like to claim a lumpsum amount as my maintenance. I know it is actually difficult for you to determine the actual alimony. But it would be of great help if you could guide me on any approximate figure that can be claimed & whether should I claim a lumpsum amount or monthly maintenance from him.