bad words/action to a house wife

In a security force of GoI change of govt accommodation ordered with allotment provided. No fixed time line MIT clearly defined. The employed husband posted in disturbed area (J&K) . he submitted reply to vacation order requesting extension of time limit to 1 month. No reply from the office concerned.However one day a representative of the concerned branch came up and yelled in front of other tenants to the wife of this govt servant as to why vacation has not materialises even after one week(keys given to the family a week ago).as per information gathered other such cases were not even asked anything and in fact have been told to take their time.As known the wife of the govt servant was humiliated with words and arm action by a man telling to vacate imdtly otherwise monetary penalty will be incurred (@Rs 500 per day). Since wife alone and got frightened with help of neighbours managed shifting up to very late hours in the night in severe rain.when came to know by husband and enquired from concerned office and want to talked to thatan concerned no allowed. No official reply yet recf to him go extension etc . want to take action . what shall I do and how to proceed