Tranfer of property in the name of legal heirs

Dear Sir, After the deaths of my father and mother, we want to transfer their property in our name. we are 3 brother and 2 sisters but none of them trust each other total to transfer the property in any one name. our parent have not will the property. I want their should be equality and whatever my parents have left should be distributed equally. But i dont think other feel the same ( they have 'WE ARE THE SON' problem). I am a widow financial not so strong, i live in my parent house since the died of my husband. Now they want me to sign NOC of the same house ( only property left by our parent-no will was made by them ). to tranfer it in the name of my brother as sole authority. they have assured me they will not harm me and will decided further action after the tranfer mutually. But i am scared. please suggest me- what clause should i ask him in enclosed in the affidaivat/ or in the transfer request paper. so that we all have equal authorirty whenever we sale this property and also the money is distributed equally after sale. what can i do or any other way Please suggest Detail of Property: A house (on license) in township are under SAIL Thanking you