Improper service and response by movers and packers

Dear Sir, I work in TCS. I have taken service of Agarwal movers and packers (DRS group) due to transfer in office. Transfer was initiated by myself due to medical reason in family.So I moved to Kolkata from Pune. I paid full amount to Agarwal movers and packers. They said it will be delivered in 10 days. It's 18 days and luggage has not come. Whenver I try to reach them they reply rudely and do not give proper information.Today again they said it has reached Kolkata so call Kolkata office not me. When i reached out to Kolkata office they said they have not received any of my luggage. This has been going on and on.Sometimes they say it has reached Kolkata and sometimes they say it has not. No one talks in descent manner and no one answers properly. Also the number of luggage they are saying is wrong. Due to this my family is sleeping on floor for so many days and eating outside food. More than this I am badly disturbed mentally as I do not know what to do now. For the sake of good service I paid heavy amount to Agarwal movers and packers but still my worst fear is getting real. What should I do now?