Null and void/ cancellation of registered marriage

Hello Sir, One guy harassed and threatened me to marry him. There were many things went on cruelly and he took photographs as if we got married by threatening me. This was happened in 2012. He got the registered marriage certificate also though I did not attend registrar office. People who saw the signatures and all at office are saying that the signature looks like mine. I have got engaged to another guy in 2014. The guy who got the certificates took the person's number whom I got engaged to and told whatever he wants and made him to cancel the engagement showing the photographs and all. They have not told anything to us directly that they are not willing for marriage but not responding to our phone calls/messages/mails. I have filed a case against the first guy but it has not come to the first call also yet in the court. And the one whom I got engaged to is searching for another girl and planning for marriage in next few months. I do not want to be apart from this guy. What action can I take on this guy in order to let him hear to me? And I do not have any proofs to show court that he just took the photographs without my consent and by threatening. How can I get that marriage declared as null and void? How can I get this marriage registration cancelled? He can get his friends and show those photographs as defense. But how can I get rid of this? and what can I do to get married to the person to whom I am engaged? Can I do something and get the stay on his new marriage proposals/marriage till I get the result of this case against the first guy? please advise.