indian contract act

Respected Advocate My query for a Appointment letter (terms And Conditions) and its legal binding under Indian contract act as follows: 1.My company issues me an appointment letter back dated after 4 months of my joining as they fail to switch me to a proper process . 2.Letter was dully cross signed by SGM (who left company before my sign) .(as i sign only second page 1st page was missing from my copy too) so i refuse to sign as ask copy of first page for my records . 3.As i complete my 1 year I ask management for my annual money as mentioned in appointment letter and due to sudden loss of process company terminates employees to minimize loss. 4. The best procedure by company was to order employee to take rest till some suitable process arrive. 5.After 20 days they call term wise and handover full and final if employes argues or object they thread them for absconding case. 6.As no employee have copy of order for leave from company so all have to accept this . 7. but i Report it in labour office and my case is pending in labour/workman court . my appointment letter have some material clause in page 1 those i never sign but S.g.m sign as advance/ counter as he pretends as witness of my signatures .but this wasn't happens and matter is in court . now my concern is under said circumstances this contract is legally valid or not .